By neglecting and rejecting an undesirable ritual it will soon atrophy away from our lives. We can create opportunities to grow by asking ourselves constructive questions followed with immediate and consistent action. Queries regarding accomplishing endeavors are not if’s, but when’s, because we develop utter belief and confidence in ourselves through life-long personal growth. We can formulate a goal and then ask ourselves, “How can I achieve my goals and dreams? How long will it take to achieve my goals and dreams? What can I do right now to bring me closer toward my goal? What must I not do in order to move one step and one degree closer toward achieving my aim? What can I change about myself or my environment that will help inspire me to go after my dreams?” With practice the questions and answers to our goals or problems in life begin to appear more easily transparent as heightened awareness ensues. Beautiful solutions manifest as enlightened aha moments transpire.

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