“No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see the possibilities—always see them, for they’re always there” (Norman Vincent Peale). Stop pondering pessimistically and do everything optimistically, regardless of how you feel. Pessimists are realists, whereas optimists are slightly delusional. They think and act positively, consciously working at not leaving negative thoughts in the dashboard or forefront of life. Practice making an art out of feeling uncomfortable and taking immediate action. Actions guide our thought life more so than thoughts leading to actions. Additionally, remember, actions speak louder than words. Embrace immediate, meaning right this very second, not a moment later. Lives are transformed through generating this seemingly magical breakthrough toward living optimistically this very moment and each present moment to come. Speak positive thoughts to yourself consistently, remaining determined in your optimism. Make your life gloriously victorious, today.

Feel Fear and Do It Anyway–Growth

“Who does not grow, declines” (Rabbi Hillel). Victory is on the other side of fear, uncertainty, doubt, unbelief, and frustration. Learn to look at frustration as a growth opportunity. Ask yourself, “How can I press on despite this problem? What can I learn from this frustration?” Most things feared don’t even happen. Fear is a result of the conditioning of our thoughts, subconscious and conscious minds, beliefs, attitudes, feelings, perceptions and imaginations. We typically are just afraid of our own thoughts and shadows, which we call fear. Feel fear and do it anyway. Do not allow the past to dictate your present or future greatness. Win the prize that awaits by breaking through fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Believe In Your Dreams

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” (Eleanor Roosevelt). Maintaining a PMA and proper perspective toward our targets makes achieving dreams fully attainable. Decide what you want to do, why, and do it. No excuses, blaming, criticizing, regret, self-pity, gossiping, or procrastination allowed. Excuses only hinder, null and void the pursuit of goals and dreams, therefore stop making them. If something doesn’t serve you and others, don’t do it. Stop digging and start building.


”Failures” brings us closer to winning, which are learning opportunities rather than failures. While attempting to create the lightbulb, Thomas Edison made multitudes of mistakes. He didn’t acknowledge failing up to 10,000 times, but only found 10,000 ways that did not work, which led him closer toward accomplishing his aim. The world has light in the darkness of night because of Thomas Edison’s passion, curiosity, work ethic, focus, perseverance, self-discipline, optimism, and PMA. Never, never, never give up. Cultivate your own opportunities. Let your light shine.

Be Original

What would you do if failure was not possible? If you had more money than you ever needed what would you do with your time, gifts, talents, skills, and abilities? What gifts, talents, skills, and abilities would you develop or enhance? What would you spend your money on? What organizations would you donate money to? Where would you invest your money? What percentage of money would you invest? Would you manage your own money or let someone else do it for you—why or why not? Where would you volunteer your time? The answers to those questions are likely what you should be doing or pursuing right now. Forget about what society, your parents, friends, peers, and everyone else thinks you should do. What do you love to do when time seemingly disappears? This can be a type or state of flow. Follow your gut, whereas the hunch just feels absolutely right or wrong. If you are greater than 50 percent confident about something to be true, speak and act as though you are 100 percent absolutely certain. Think and act as though failure is not possible. What gives you purpose and peace?

Be You

“Self-evaluation is helpful, but evaluation from someone else is essential” (Andy Stanley). Be brutally honest while self-reflecting on right and wrong. Your answers are perceptions related to personal principles, beliefs, and experiences. Make sure your ideal self and real self are congruent, therefore creating peace and abundant fulfillment within. What do you stand for and why?

“Sometimes what counts can’t be counted, and what can be counted doesn’t count” (Albert Einstein). Do not compare yourself with anyone, except who you were yesterday. Your very own intangible character traits based upon what you stand for helps preserve visions, dreams, and goals while persevering toward greatness, despite adversity. Know both what to do and what not to do in varying situations, thus expediting your journey toward becoming the best version of yourself. Furthermore, another person’s perspective, especially from a leader, mentor, counselor or coach can guide, teach, inspire and direct our steps, additionally, helping to hold us accountable. Strive toward becoming the person you truly desire and are fully capable of being. Be you!—everyone else is taken.

Positive Mental Attitudes

It has been said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change something, change your attitude.” Embracing positive mental attitudes (PMAs) coupled with principled moral codes act as beacons of light or a guiding compass that determines the potential altitude of greatness achieved. Continue being steadfast in your beliefs and faith. Carefully directed beliefs mixed with an unwavering conviction of faith, overtime, becomes a PMA focused on precise strategies of subconscious thought. Know what you believe and why you believe it in order to further know and master thyself.


“Use your health, even to the point of wearing it out. This is what true abundant and fearless living is about. Spend all you have before you die; and do not outlive yourself” (George Bernard Shaw). Prudently fill yourself so full of goodness that your cup is always overflowing with greatness onto others; for goodness creates greatness. Focus on enhancing health as a primary goal to acquire indefinitely, because without it nothing else is so vibrantly alive.

Giving Great Gifts

“Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless” (Mother Teresa). Fill yourself up with greatness so you can spend yourself wisely throughout this lifetime. Live life by producing wonderful memories to reminisce upon and share with the world. Sincerely complement a partner, child, parent, friend, neighbor, or stranger, today. Kind words are painless and free, yet can truly linger bouts of joy-filled tranquility and smiles for years to come.

Victory is Yours

“The best remedy for anger is delay” (Brigham Young). We can’t get back spent words, therefore make them count toward positive producing assets for others and ourselves. Recondition powerful opportunistic choices sitting on the dashboard between a stimuli and response. Radical transformation is yours to create. Yes, you can make it happen. Praise and glory live within unstoppable faith and relentless belief. Live with grace imprinted upon your heart, mind and soul. As forgiveness unburdens hurts, blossoming kindness toward newly adopted beautiful choices and perspectives frees one to be. Now, is the time to live and let live.

Keep building and innovating your own personal principles, virtues, and life philosophies to act upon as priceless maps while navigating the scary turbulent metamorphic, ever-changing placid seas. These precious treasure maps may seem illusive at times, yet are available to us all if we choose to seek, read, and embrace golden nuggets by acting upon them. Victory in any endeavor belongs to the brave souls that adamantly desire, believe, persist, and subsequently conquer. Bask in the glory of triumphantly winning in all feats, no matter how big or small. Even losses are wins with the right attitude. We learn from failures too, which can offer some of the greatest lessons.