Regardless of whatever paths our patterned chosen routines have led us down, we possess the cosmic power to deliberately change lack for abundance if we truly desire to adopt or acquire new, divergent, and positive habits into our lives. Our proclivity toward good or bad choices is ultimately our responsibility to make. The key is to do something creatively different outside our norms that replaces the old habit. Starve an unwanted habit by focusing on a positive and productive routine. Read a book or a unique genre, work out, learn a new language, take a walk or bicycle ride in nature, make a  piece of art, take a class through the local community college, write a letter of appreciation to someone, go out of the state or country, or go to a church service different from your own spiritual norm. The point is to do something unique and new, outside of your comfort zone, which you can immediately decide upon and make happen. Get outside your seemingly safe and comfortable box of conformity and dare to live a more joy-filled original life. Maybe you will discover a magnificent obsession, fulfilling hobby, enlightenment, or an awareness about something never to do again. Regardless, growing breadth of knowledge and aliveness partakes.

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