Adding Muscle Shreds Fat 24/7/365

Consuming 3,500 calories more than expending equates to one pound of body weight gained. Expending 3,500 calories allows us to lose one pound of body weight. Muscle weighs more than fat in terms of density, although burns greater amounts of calories at rest. Remember that any short-term weight gain through adding muscle leads to long-term weight loss. A calorie is a unit of energy or heat. Adding muscle increases our basal metabolic rate (BMR), thus passively shredding fat while we sleep. Muscle enhances our metabolism at rest or BMR, therefore making it work for us by reducing adipose tissue 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly, and 365 days annually. Adding muscle acts as a passive investment strategy, paying massive short and long-term dividends. Being healthy and fit does not require a large monetary cost to acquire, yet people give their souls for consumerism. Just show up daily, do a little work in order to reap rewards most people only dream about having. You will probably live longer than you think, therefore do yourself a favor by taking good care of your mind, body, spirit, soul, and emotions. You deserve and owe yourself the very best life has to offer! Take a stand, watching fear fall away. Live in peaceful harmony with yourself.