Positive Mental Attitudes

Following is a story I once heard about embracing positive mental attitudes (PMAs) through divine transcendent lenses. A woman awoke one day and had only three hairs left on her head. She said, “Amazing, I can braid my hair today.” The next day she arose with two hairs and said, “Wonderful, I will part my hair down the middle.”  The subsequent morning one hair remained. The lady said, “Outstanding, now I can wear my hair in a ponytail.” The following day the woman had no hair on her head. She said, “Thank God, I don’t have to style my hair today!” Our PMAs and perceptions impact our lives and circumstances profoundly. Positive attitudes truly can change everything.

You Are Not Your Mistakes

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes” (Warren Buffet). We will not live long enough to make every mishap available, while experiencing myriads of negative consequences is unnecessary. We tend to create needless personal problems by telling ourselves it is necessary to mess up in order to learn. Wisdom gained through personal experience can be beneficial with the right truths, lenses, and positive mental attitudes (PMAs) on board now or in time, although real blunders are not mandatory precursors to greatness.

Succumbing to the allure of sinful pleasures in any realm of life may not only manifest gradual physical, spiritual, and mental torment, but instant death. Enticing societal pressures can be resisted by creating personal awareness leading to radical reformation metamorphosis. Knowing what to do is extremely important, as is understanding what not to do in life.


Dreams can be achieved once definitive crystal clear decisions are made, combined with self-belief and massive immediate action. Be a dream catcher with a backbone, not a dreamer with a wishbone. Act without excuses, complaining, procrastinating, or blaming. Nothing great can be achieved without doing, coupled with unstoppable perseverance.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light” (Plato). One decision can change the entire trajectory of a person’s life. We have a choice to live with or without God. Open the floodgates of your heart, allowing relational intimacy with thy soul. Embracing the divine beats spiritual lack, abandonment, or refusal hands down.

             Spirituality can enhance the depth of internal courage and gratitude. Remember that it’s difficult to be fearful and grateful or brave, simultaneously. Deity-based religions about spirituality focus on decreasing pain and suffering, while increasing love, peace, and compassionate joy. We don’t have to make excuses or let complaining, blaming, and rationalizing why certain people within religions exemplify poor examples to follow. We can do our part by living and directing our lives toward goodness, greatness, grace, love, peace, blessings, hope, appreciation, and an abundant fruit-filled presence and future within each facet of our lives.

             Diamonds’ intrinsic value and extrinsic beauty are based upon cut, clarity, color, and carat. Cut describes symmetry and arrangement of facets, which allows refraction to produce exquisite dazzling colors and sparkle. Clarity refers to the amount, size, and location of inner inclusions and outer imperfections. Color increases value when there is none. Carat depicts how much a stone weighs. When the four C’s are each optimally sculpted together, internal worth and external attractiveness increase substantially.

Which facades of ostensibly brilliant color need to be removed or changed for developing radically transparent honesty, in turn, growing greatness from within, not from without? Do you need more or less temperance, self-discipline, negative mental attitudes, positive mental attitudes, poor behaviors, healthy routines, unhealthy environments, encouraging friends, corruptible influences, impactful mentors, fatal resentment, forgiving freedom, among myriads more good or bad outcomes because of personal choices, impregnating your character composition and life? Allow negativity to transmute into positivity by acting, doing, executing, and repeating superb conduct, upright principles, noble moral codes, and life-giving philosophies. Self-reflection and embracing honorable verities are musts. Moreover, practicing seemingly ceaseless repetitions of good, while thinking less, creates onward, upward, and heavenward trajectories toward actualizing dreams come true.

We are the craftsmen and craftswomen of our lives possessing great abilities to shape our passions, purpose, talents, and life, which, in turn, creates invaluable intangibles in us and working for us, despite mistakes and flaws. What may be perceived as mishaps and defects make us original and beautiful. Everything that has happened in your life molded you into the beautiful person you are. Recognizing that life happens for us and not to us has transformational powers.

Each of us has significant power and immeasurable treasures waiting to be unearthed into existence. How much more passion, beauty, and vivacious scintillating vibrancy exudes from being you? Create each facet of your life to be harmoniously balanced and beautiful, starting from the inside out. Carve, sculpt, and design your individual cut, clarity, color, and carat intentionally, with meaning, precision, and purpose. You owe it to yourself and the world to be the best version of yourself. Do your part, starting now.

The starter pistol has been fired. Why are you still reading this? Seriously, get busy doing, being, and giving more. Think less, so you can do, be, and give more, beginning now. Ten seconds ago was the best time to launch toward your dreams, right now is the second best time.