Stay Hungry

Steve Jobs once said during a Stanford graduation ceremony, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”¹⁶ Do what you think you can’t do, in order to actualize your true potential. Failing twice as much can get us to our destination much quicker. Being paralyzed by thinking about all the things that could go wrong leads us to nomad’s land. Start now, even without knowing everything. Learn, grow, and become better as you do more. Serve others and fulfill their desires by building the culture around and within your life. Making other people your number one priority, secondary to your family of course, pays massive dividends. Make sure your returns are in the black, not the red. Too much giving without reciprocal gifts can leave us empty and unfulfilled. Harmonious balance is a must. That is a path leading toward greatness, which you can achieve.

Life’s Desires

Life happens for us, not to us. Live in the blissful tranquility of grace and gratitude. Remember, the past does not predict the future. Forgive yourself and others, learn to live free from constraints and self-limiting beliefs, while moving into success through being present and aware of your genuinely desirable and passionate objectives, constantly. In the morning and before bed, ask yourself, “What do I want and why?” Follow those questions with, “How can I obtain it?” Consistently ask better questions to generate superior answers to problems and goals. Develop specific action steps toward making desires morph into reality. Neurons firing together wire together, thus consistent frequent repetition is key for making strong habitual patterns leading to our desired outcomes.


Be mindful to prioritize your dreams, taking the time needed toward building and accomplishing that divine destiny. See your vision, while doing the necessary steps for achieving celestial callings. Feelings of conviction in your gut can be wonderfully beneficial if only you listen to them with your heart, not your head. Your heart, depicting passion, noble purpose and intrinsically praiseworthy meaning. Without passionate visions, dreams fade into illusionary entertainment. Stay feverishly thirsty and ravenously hungry about what motivates and inspires you to wake up each morning exhilarated to work harder than anyone else toward becoming the best in the world at your divinely destined calling.

Help Others

True living and growing occurs by not knowing, while simultaneously being curious and brave enough to seek out and excavate the greatness within your soul. Life is an adventurous journey of discovering the unknown and making the seemingly impossible possible. Knowing everything with certainty leads to suffering and a plateau of frustration. The more I know the more I realize I don’t know much. Get outside your head, get into your heart, be utterly vulnerable, and give fully of yourself to the betterment of others by serving moment by moment. Frequently, ask your loved ones, “How can I help?”

Personal Development

Live out dreams through working on yourself first. Everyone, including yourself, will be massively blessed for becoming exceedingly good, therefore great. Knowing and abiding by one’s values gives plenty, without taking away. Always aim further than an intended target. This way even if you don’t exceed the goal, aspirations will likely be achieved. The problem with too many people is they aim too low, hitting their targets. Do what seems impossible and challenging. This will practically guarantee growth, progress, and a greater sense of fulfilment and self-awareness. Look back to see how far you’ve come. Change if you don’t like what you see. Take 100% responsibility for every part of your life. If there’s something you don’t like, change yourself. Remember, never, never, never give up becoming a better version of you, while unconditionally loving and accepting yourself along your voyage.

Disciplining ourselves by writing the entire day and week’s plan prior to beginning either has vast rewards. Commit to discipline, thus reaping compounded health, wealth, love, relations, and happiness along the journey. Earn your fortunes by deserving them through intentional perseverance toward end goals. Balanced discipline is the way to greatness.

Extraordinary Lives

“It is extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is” (George F. Will). We all possess opportunity and potential to be extraordinarily boundless and free. Let’s create opportunity by harnessing the privilege toward becoming the best version of ourselves. With freedom comes responsibility, producing high probabilities for a wonderful life, given you choose to be free. What is your attitude toward personal development, freedom, responsibility, and growth?

Curious Seeds

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself” (Galileo Galilei). New insights and concepts have profound powers being they are seeds planted in fertile minds. Wondrous seeds harness potential to help transcend perceptions, looking through spiritual eyes of divinity. Divinity being personal values, feeling valuable, seeing beyond one’s self, and accepting a willingness to be fully alive. Adopting these cooperative attitudes, beliefs, and principles are pivotal keys toward unlocking happiness, understanding, growth and ceaseless love. Let’s ascend to great heights through patient, yet expedited persistent and curious personal development. We all possess the tools and gifts necessary to become who we want to be and unleash greatness within. Sometimes it takes someone caring enough to point that out.

Explore Joy

Remember to feel and express joy, while paving roads toward actualizing dreams come true. It is while we are making plans for our future that life happens. Each adventurous exploration from who and where we are to who and where we want to be is life itself. Being, is life, which becomes magnificently fulfilling when accompanied with a warm smile, heart-felt perpetual peaceful solace, and the magical omnipotence of lavishly graceful love embodied for oneself and others.  Embracing internal truths and radical honesty have supremely healing upward cyclical powers when harnessed and practiced repeatedly. What makes you genuinely happy? Why not do more of that? Bring on the joy, today.


“Ask the experienced rather than the learned” (Arabic proverb). Doing and experiencing something is much more effective than theory alone. Both successes and failures allow authentic compassion and understanding to stem from knowing pain and pleasure first hand. We can seek out mentors that have five to ten or more years’ experience than ourselves to facilitate beneficial guidance, advice, suggestions, and help toward acquiring our aims and overcoming life’s obstacles. Keep in mind that while seeking mentors, by rushing too quickly to the top, our questions might have been answered by people with less experience and wisdom.

Nevertheless, follow class acts and quality people only. Rid prejudices, looking for the good in others. Remember that we can learn from everyone, even if it’s what not to do. Books, podcasts, mastermind groups, and individual one-on-one in-person, telephone, e-mail, or internet platform mentorships can be very effective toward helping reach personal, emotional, health, fitness, social, relational, professional, financial, and spiritual goals. We can all teach each other valuable insights, promoting useful attitudes, behaviors, and leveraged environments (ABLE), in turn, furthering humanity for the better—one person at a time. Don’t worry about who gets credit, just give generously with heartfelt intentions.


Habits are formed in the brain’s basal ganglia, which is provoked by a stimuli generating a routine from positively perceived or actual physiological rewards. We must consciously choose to do something beneficial, repeatedly, to form long-lasting positive habits. Ingrained rituals result from actively thinking and doing something repeatedly, which bakes in subconscious routines. Linking pleasurable rewards to physical, spiritual, and mental well-being, awareness or recognition, emotions and feelings, creating wonderful peak mental states generates automatic responses. We have ultimate power to change bad routines or patterns of living into desirable fruit-producing lifestyles.