Do you hit the snooze button or possess little energy or motivation to arise in the morning? How about the desire or automatic response to exercise, or do you think it’s too much work? Do you want to lose weight, although think it is too challenging to achieve and maintain? Do you desire to stop smoking, drinking, gambling, eating excessively, spending too much money, or jettison any other bad habit? Do you focus on your past mistakes and allow that past to dictate your present and future beliefs?

You cannot change the past, yet the future is so bright it can burn your eyes. Daily choices create power to make heaven from hell or hell into heaven. Attitudes and perceptions are in your control. Live your purpose, thus success, leading to fulfillment. Forget about what anyone else desires from you. Just do and be the best you. Remember, forgiveness brightens your future.

Positive Mental Attitudes

Following is a story I once heard about embracing positive mental attitudes (PMAs) through divine transcendent lenses. A woman awoke one day and had only three hairs left on her head. She said, “Amazing, I can braid my hair today.” The next day she arose with two hairs and said, “Wonderful, I will part my hair down the middle.”  The subsequent morning one hair remained. The lady said, “Outstanding, now I can wear my hair in a ponytail.” The following day the woman had no hair on her head. She said, “Thank God, I don’t have to style my hair today!” Our PMAs and perceptions impact our lives and circumstances profoundly. Positive attitudes truly can change everything.