Do You

Think of learning a new skill or observing a child acquire one. It took deliberate conscious effort. Riding a bicycle or learning to swim may have been scary at first, although once learned became automatic. Patience, courage, and deliberate intention produces results we desire when our want exceeds our fear. Tell yourself, “I am sick and tired of not achieving my aim. Do you mean it or not?” Write the goal down and get busy working on it day and night. Muster up the courage and just do it, leaving no excuses not to finish. Respect yourself enough to honor and complete your adamantly honorable desires. Persisting at anything long enough with sustained self-control will elicit all the blessings this world offers in direct relation to your endeavor and personal effort. Always do your best. What do you enjoy doing when time seemingly disappears? Why not do this more frequently and study the flow of your passions and desires more in depth?

Purposeful Thinking

It has been theorized that our subconscious mind makes up approximately 90 to 95 percent of our thoughts, reactions, and behaviors, while our conscious mind encompasses only about 5 to 10 percent. Through consciously focusing on what we want and striving daily toward that target, our consistent conscious efforts and persistent thought patterns become subconscious or automatic realities. Over time this subconscious growth mindset permeates our being, transforming us into who and what we desire to be without as much effort.


Look at people, places, and things through other individual’s filters with empathy. See another person’s view and think for yourself why that person perceives something that way. Is it positive, rational, logical, true, moral, principled, and right? If so, maybe it’s something worth considering adopting for yourself. Keep an open mind and think for yourself with prudent discernment. People that don’t decide for themselves what to do allow others to dictate their lives for them. For everything we say yes to, we are saying no to the rest. Take control of your choices, beliefs, time, and perceptions while living fully, today. Create your dream life full of positive meaning and purpose, starting right now. Meaning depicts the uniquely intrinsic and extrinsic individual connotations given to it.


We each have different experiences, upbringings, and vantage points in life that have molded our current perceptions or realities. Whether they are positive, negative, rational, irrational, right, or wrong our perceptions are real and true to us. By acknowledging our perceptions and reasons why we perceive things a specific way allows us to change skewed, false, self-limiting, and negative perceptions about ourselves. People viewing us through their lenses versus us looking outward or inward can elicit totally different pictures. Possessing erroneous views about ourselves due to people saying mean, untrue, and hurtful things to us as kids or adults can skew our interpretations about ourselves.

We are children of God almighty created in His divine image. God loves you unconditionally no matter what. You cannot earn His wonderful love, forgiveness, and grace. Those blessings are given freely for everyone who decides to receive and believe. Consider getting plugged into a Bible believing church and joining a small Bible study group, which has the power to take a person out of negative environments and into joy-filled positive living.

Becoming engaged with a mastermind group of any kind, especially like-minded individuals, has impactful power to peacefully transform humanity, making an immensely constructive and profound difference in individual’s lives. We can all become anyone and anything we choose through desire, choice, effort, perseverance, self-discipline, passion, and intrinsic drive, more so than extrinsic motivating factors. Let that light inside you brighten peoples’ souls. In all you do today, ask yourself, “Would a successful, kind, empathetic, compassionate, and loving person think, say, or do that?” If not, consider different thoughts, behaviors, strategies, priorities, values, actions, principles, and responses. Live in grace and forgiveness. Embracing the divine encompasses massive responsibility and accountability toward doing what is right, while living a fully abundant fruit-filled life.

Take Action

“So too, faith by itself, if it is not complemented by action, is dead” (James 2:17 BSB). Confront neglecting truths by standing up for what is right, lest evil prevails through the act of enabling. Even inaction can be a form of acting, possibly resulting in ignorance and pain. Be willing to live through trials and tribulations, while upholding personal values, priorities, and principles. Taking initiative is the precursor toward accomplishing any worthy endeavor.

Do not wait for approval or being completely ready because dreams only happen with action. Nearly all successful individuals starting something wonderful begin and overcome uncertainty about the end. Those seemingly genius extraordinarily masterful craftsmen and craftswomen achieve aims by practicing and persevering, hoping and confidently dreaming, not seeing the end results, only believing in them with unshakeable faith and relentless consistent persistent passionate purpose-driven action. Whenever new changes or incredible beginnings emerge, doubt may creep in. Remember to feel fear and doubt, while doing good deeds in spite of those feelings or erroneous beliefs. In time, you will become whatever you set out to be and do when eternally positive peaceful motives are oozing from a willing, cooperative, and teachable heart.

Limitless Lives

Don’t acquire bad habits and you may live a more enjoyable life. The repetition is there again and again on purpose; therefore, the principles must be very important. Do what’s easy today and have a hard life or do what’s hard now and have an easy life. Stop hanging out with the wrong people that drag you down. Listen to positive uplifting music and watch inspirational movies. Stop filling your mind with vulgarity and violence that can lead to immorally hardened or fossilized negative mental attitudes and hearts. The adage, “If it bleeds it leads” is true relating to the negative news. Moreover, cease or replace watching ferocity and listening to profanity by filling yourself up with an abundance of good. Remember, where there is freedom for good, there is freedom for evil. Choose love, liberty, and an abundant life, intrinsically full of autonomy, growth, limitless ability, vision, meaning, and purpose.


In the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, he writes, “Look round the habitable world, how few know their own good, or, knowing it, pursue!”¹ Don’t be slave to your phone, email, television, or social media by allowing any of it to control your invaluable time, in turn, stealing dreams. Both success and failure creep up insidiously when we are not looking based upon how we live our daily lives, in other words, because of our perpetual habits.