Spend Yourself Wisely

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past” (Oscar Wilde). Through ardent desire and belief in yourself, combined with knowledge and skill development, anything you want in life can be yours. Decide to regain, attain, or maintain positive forward growing habits, being they ultimately determine your life and destiny. Even if that entails doing something new, challenging, and scary each day—do it. Make the most of the time you’ve been given in order to achieve, grow, give, and live the greatness God has placed within you. Time is your most valuable commodity and asset, which you cannot buy or get back; therefore spend it judiciously.

Changing Grace

Harnessing and nourishing personal poisons keeps many people prisoners in their own minds, averting the potential to fully be alive and thrive. Just because we have breath in our lungs does not entail that we are living, fulfilled, with meaning and purpose. Toxic pollutants encompass anger, hatred, resentment, revenge, guilt, envy or jealousy, self-pity, greed, blaming, complaining, and gossiping. Lingering waste products remain fueled by continuing to feed these death-traps, in turn, burgeoning the fiery furnaces of hell on earth. Stopping these lethal practices by throwing out this trash is the only way to be truly free from their deadly grasp. Choose growth by seeking, listening, and reading, heeding, and developing wisdom, not putrid garbage. The power to change lives, breathes, flourishes, and grows in you through daily, minute-to-minute choices, creating habitual habits. What do you want to change? Why do you want to change? What’s holding you back? Relentlessly and persistently aim at your target, paying whatever price to hit your mark.

Choose Responsibility

“The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved” (William Jennings Bryan). Decide and do, sticking with plans until targets are hit. You will want to give up at times—don’t! Our beliefs, feelings, attitudes, principles, decisions, and values are key components that guide our self-image, self-confidence, self-worth, identity, thoughts, ideas, actions, behaviors, habits, and lifestyle. Whatever is on our minds is at the tip of our tongue or slip of our tongue. We can consciously focus on what we desire to think, say, do, feel, have, be, and give, thus work toward obtaining those desired results. Ideally, start with responsible love. Choose which path to take today, in turn, carving your own road toward or away from internal freedom. Demand responsibility for the past, present, and future you. Though there are varying definitions of liberty, ultimate freedom is being able to do what you want, when you want to do it, while intrinsically increasing love, peace, joy, fortitude, empathy, compassion, passion, fulfillment, helpfulness, understanding, and potentialities. What is your definition about personal freedom and why?

True Living Starts With a Choice

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is therefore not an act but a habit” (Aristotle). Habits start with our thoughts, leading to emotions or feelings, words uttered, actions and behaviors, habits or routines, which all working together form our lifestyles and destiny. These patterns can be either positive or negative, therefore we must consciously choose helpful ways to live for maximizing magnificent results. What has been learned can be unlearned. What has been conditioned can be reconditioned. What has been programmed can be reprogrammed. We can choose how to respond to both internal and external stimuli. Those choices exist between the impetus and response. In time our repetitive behavior becomes automatic. 

Deciding to Change

It has been said, “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” Death, taxes, and change are three things we can count on in this life. Profound abilities to govern our lives in any direction or manner we choose resides within our ABLE control over attitudes, behaviors, and leveraged intrinsic and extrinsic environments. Making the decision to become responsible and accountable for every aspect of our present lives leads to a liberating opportunity to be, do, and give more than we have ever imagined possible. I congratulate you for taking this courageous adventure into making the scary dark tunnels of unknown potential, wonder and delight, known.


Once a definitive decision full of clarity has been made, combined with a resilient, determined, and persistent positive mental attitude, the sail is set in the direction you wish to travel. You are at the helm of the ship guiding it where to go. You’re in control of your destination and destiny. Along the journey you may see droves of people being tossed aimlessly around by the wind because they did not set their sail correctly or at all. Have a single-minded focus upon the path you wish to travel. Change course when necessary. Going in too many different trajectories creates busy stagnation leading nowhere. If we do not decide what we want for our lives someone else will. Without maps showing specific routes that direct us where to go we either end up where we are, someplace dreadful, or misguided by people that do not have our best interests in mind. Let transparent meaning and purpose light your heart’s way into the tranquil unknown.

Value Today

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24 ESV). Live fully today—our most valuable commodity, hour-by-hour, forgetting about yesterdays, not pondering tomorrows, being the future is now. We have the power to change our patterns by choosing constructive life responses, attitudes, behaviors, and decisions in new deliberately productive, positive, grateful, meaningful, and forward thinking manners throughout each gifted and blessed day laboriously birthed to us. Regardless of parenting presence or lack thereof, we are made with sweet divinity in our core as a gift from our affectionate heavenly Father and friend.


“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” (Abraham Lincoln). Control the controllable, which are our thoughts, words, attitudes, behaviors, morals, values or beliefs, principles, life philosophies, rituals, habits, and destiny, while confidently moving forward despite uncontrollable events, circumstances, and tragedies. Worrying, blaming, criticizing, complaining, gossiping, self-pity, regret, hatred, resentment, and guilt do not increase joy, love, peace, growth, and triumphant victory in anyone. Eliminate those negative liabilities by filling yourself up with positive life-giving intangible and invaluable assets of kindness, mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, consideration, empathy, compassion, curiosity, creativity, hope, integrity, loyalty, honesty, authenticity, self-confidence, peace of mind, health, and joyfulness, among multitudes of additional delectably fruitful delights. The best beauty in life typically cannot be seen like tangible material items, although is much more potent, palpable, and valuable, long-term.