Tools of Simplicity

“I find that a great part of information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way” (Franklin P. Adams). Look up definitions to words you are unfamiliar with in the dictionary, online, or ask artificial intelligence (AI), such as Amazon’s Echo devices. For example, if you are unfamiliar with this AI, say, “Alexa, define magnanimous.” Convenience and simplicity are upon us. Children do not rely upon their parents for answering or even questioning about knowing such things in order to easily acquire such knowledge. Remember that Google and other search engines can be are our friends.


“Make voyages! Attempt them… there’s nothing else” (Tennessee Williams). Demand of yourself to be and do all the good you possibly can while passing through upon this adventurous journey we call life. The law of attraction mandates similar blessings be returned to you. Follow the Golden Rule. Do to others what you want done to you. Also, judiciously do to others what they want done to them. What new creative adventures have you taken this week? Additionally, ask yourself, “In what ways have I been generous with my time, gifts, skills, abilities, talents, finances, kindness, consideration, touch, words, encouragement, gratitude, and love today?”