Time in Action

We each have the same amount of time each day to live our lives. Remember, it’s not about managing time, only deciding what to do with this time by managing ourselves. Our priorities don’t lie being we ultimately do what we care about most. When it comes to values, beliefs, principles, and boundaries, look toward actions, not words.

Defeating Anxiety

Any anticipatory anxiety or fear of future events can be mitigated and abated by facing them bravely, head on. For example, rather than trying to avoid making a specific mistake during a speech, go out and try to create this blunder and it probably won’t happen. At least instead of worrying about a future slip up, which likely will not occur, you can now rest peacefully, living fully, today. Practicing this strategy for most worries may just lead to no more foreboding. Additionally, stop looking at storms of yesterdays in the rear view mirror, lest depression set in, stealing moments, hours, days, months and possibly years, which otherwise could be abundant joy and laughter. The past is gone—it will never return, the future is full of glorious wonders, and the moment is tranquility, love, and peace because you choose it so.  

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense” (Buddha). We live vibrantly and courageously or die dastardly, mostly because of habitual choices we make. Let your thoughts, attitudes, words, behaviors, and environments lead to fuller, more joy-filled lifestyles. To each their own—nihilism or usefulness, meaning, and dignity. We must decide for ourselves the best path for our own unique journey through time. Insight, advice, principles, other peoples’ experiences (OPEs), beliefs, and suggestions from others can help formulate what we ought not to do or must do to acquire all the splendors this wondrous world offers. Live without regret, guilt, resentment, blame or shame by owning your own discerning decisions, while not judging others. We can choose our actions, but not the consequences. Learn to smile and laugh during any situation, for suffering and death are only parts of life, which help us feel—knowing we are alive with breath in our lungs, while transcending and transmuting fear, anxiety, and depression into forgiveness, joy, peace, and love.


“It is only by introducing the young to great literature, drama and music, and to the excitement of great science that we open to them the possibilities that lie within the human spirit—enable them to see visions and dream dreams” (Eric Anderson). This applies to all ages alike. Knowing what we don’t want helps us understand more clearly what we truly desire. This can emerge through learning from other people’s experiences (OPEs) or our own, being open-minded and receptive toward new ideas, growing knowledge and skills, taking prompt action, and through self-reflection. Being prudent by maintaining appropriate boundaries is our responsibility toward respecting life, growth, and prosperity.

Additionally, on Netflix there is an insightful documentary, Obesity: The Post Mortem, which shows the deleterious effects from poor dietary and sedentary lifestyle choices. A corpulent woman’s autopsy reveals reasons for her demise. It can be a motivating factor toward taking immediate life-altering action, therefore not dying prematurely from preventable etiological contributors.

Moreover, due to obesity, the heart has to pump much harder to propel oxygenated blood throughout excessive adipose tissue and vasculature in our bodies, while returning deoxygenated blood back to the lungs and heart to do all over again. The burdensome strain can lead to heart wall thickening, cardiac chamber compensatory enlargement, and subsequent non-compensatory heart failure, among other unwanted illnesses. Let’s decide how we want to live, while practicing daily self-restraint, thus strengthening ourselves against any problematic agonistic consuming approaches for dopamine. We can live to eat or eat to be fully juiced, energized and alive. Ideally, each of us begins and continues striving for the latter.


Write down as many reasons why you desire something. Let those powerful and noble motives drive your action toward forging your own road to successful fulfilment. Read those reasons why three times daily and let them motivate and inspire you toward pressing on. Do this daily, not only when struggle begins, but when things are going great as well. That way the subconscious mind will build unstoppable resilience and fortitude because relentless strength and massively powerful feelings become assimilated with one’s identify. Sum totals of who we become, which are created along the jungle-stricken highways toward actualizing and living out magnificent dreams are more life-giving than culminating an endeavor itself. Always remember why you started. Never, never, never give up on your goals and dreams.


“Life is brief, art is long” (Hippocrates). Art in all forms, such as music, painting and writing, can teach and create an aliveness in others, blossoming for all eternity in the hearts and minds of its admirers. Use powerful words and sayings that are juicy, meaningful or evoke positive strong emotions. “I am an excellent artist,” versus “I am an extraordinary artist.” Instead of using excellent, maybe extraordinary arouses excitement, awe-struck wonder, confidence, opportunity, and potential. Strong feelings create strong actions. Strong actions create strong emotions.

Taking Action

“The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them” (Robert Frost). Put forth the effort, rid the negative thoughts, noise and behaviors, while allowing your personal positive reasons for action be constant reminders of the goodness and greatness at work within you. Replace the bad with an overwhelming amount of good. Your goodness will turn into greatness. No more professional passive spectating when you can be on the field playing, serving up your craft toward helping, building, and creating. You are a leader, thus serve others by asking what their needs and wants are proactively, not assuming either side understands or will come to you with questions. Leave fear behind by getting your hands dirty through becoming involved in problem solving matters important to you and others. Increasing quality of life through encouraging, exemplifying, teaching, loving, listening and accepting people is something we can all do. Know the power of one can massively change lives for the greater good of humanity. What personal, professional, familial, relational, spiritual, emotional, societal, or other problems are important for solving? Now, get busy solving one at a time.

Love Yourself–You Matter!

Deserve to be full of health, wealth, love, and joyfulness by the way you choose to live your life. Let’s work on ourselves persistently, while embracing self-discipline, so we can live filled with abundance throughout our life journey. Write five explanations why you deserve to accomplish your dreams. What makes you so special and equipped? Use “I am…” statements in present tense and add to your list daily until you reach at least fifty positive affirmations about yourself and your dreams. A few I am examples include telling yourself, “I am bold, I am brave, I am beautiful, I am confident, I am worthy, I am loved, I am valuable, I am forgiven, I am blessed, I am helpful, I am creative, I am giving, I am peaceful, I am joyful, I am healthy.” Don’t limit your self-talk and written truths to strictly short “I am” declarations. A few examples might be, “I am wonderfully and miraculously created from an infinite intelligence; I am a mighty and powerful child of God with unlimited potential. The gifts, talents, skills, abilities, and self-confidence to succeed are already in me. I am confident, capable, and willing. I have what it takes to succeed. I think I can. I can do it.” Hard work combined with passionate yearnings to help serve people or solve problems can create a sense of worth and deserving for whatever you truly desire. Always love yourself first, therefore being capable to love others a minimum of tenfold. You and your dreams matter more than you know. 

Sprinkles of Love and Understanding

Endorphins fight pain and can create a sense of euphoria, which increase with illicit and prescribed opioid use, laughter, coitus, and aerobic more so than anaerobic exercise. Oxytocin creates a bond between people that is released with physical touch. Cortisol is a stress hormone that facilitates the fight-or-flight response by fueling the release of sugar reserves when in danger, which is good, although a constant surge may create harmful blood glucose elevations and can suppress the immune system. Epinephrine or adrenaline release through fight-or-flight, negative thoughts, stress, pain, powerful emotions, such as anger, and stimulants can cause vasoconstriction, hypertension, and increased glucose levels.

Moreover, a continually elevated blood pressure can lead to coronary artery disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and heart attack, among other undesirable ailments. Chronically increased blood sugar levels may cause diabetes, which has the potential to create each of the aforementioned disease processes and a myriad more. We are able to prevent, stop, or decrease the likeliness toward acquiring those ailments by controlling and mastering ourselves. Decide to eat less salt, sugar, and saturated fats, therefore mitigating the possibility of succumbing to unwarranted effects we do not desire in our lives.

Salt, saturated fats, and especially sugar can create instant gratification by dissolving rapidly on our tongue, creating a positive stimuli-habit-reward feedback loop. Like a dog being conditioned to salivate upon hearing a bell, immediately anticipating food, we too can be programmed in a similar manner. Fortunately, we can change our behavior, input, and responses to stimuli through intentional conscious control, therefore leading to subconscious automatic actions. This is why it is crucial not to eat candy, drink pop or chew gum full of sugar while trying to quit smoking or give up any bad habit.

No matter what, love and accept yourself where you are. Don’t procrastinate becoming the best you possible. Help yourself and others compassionately, not hoping for healing or success by passively standing by without action. Forget the plan, lest paralysis by analysis sets in. Just decide and get busy doing it. Begin living your dream life today.


Serotonin can enhance mood, memory, and intentionally positive behaviors, among other beneficial responses. Serotonin may be more available when we obtain recognition, praise, inspiration, motivation, exercise, healthy food, sunlight, and by taking certain antidepressant medication. If we constantly have negative self-talk, antidepressant medication and exercise will not bring us out of diminishing energy levels, poor moods, and feelings of not being fulfilled until the underlying thoughts, attitudes, and self-limiting beliefs are remedied. Choosing positive thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and environments will change your life. Somebody else is not responsible for your happiness. Thinking that someone else can create your long-term happiness is an erroneous, futile, and impossible feat. Get off that slippery slope before falling into icy waters, which will freeze an already cold and hardened heart. Only you hold the key to true lasting joy, peace, and happiness. Shred or delete your façade and discard. Transform through becoming love.