Brave Independence

Be brave enough to try new things, go new places, form new relationships, and forgive—letting go completely, while loving more deeply. We can learn much by doing, instead of passively sitting on the side lines of life, becoming more futilely dependent upon others for our happiness and everyday personal responsibilities. Passive dependent personality disorder is not uncommon. The character flaws can be remedied through acknowledging they exist.

Awareness is the first step in all healing. Let’s take responsibility for our own lives, not enabling others’ dependence, only encouraging autonomous greatness from within—by doing and believing our part. Acts of service for others are wonderful modalities toward remedying fretful maladies, in turn, becoming more grateful through the process. Live free from anxiety and worry—enjoying who you are and what you have. Think not of lack or deleterious envy, only abundance of blessings in your life.

Be You

Strong feelings and beliefs have the power to transform our identities, as long as they facilitate positive actions. Motion is the precursor to emotion, while emotion generates action too. Make self-discipline or self-restraint priority in life, coupled with utter responsibility for who you are and who you desire to be. Self-control and being personally accountable is proof that we possess self-worth and care about ourselves as valuable individuals, worthy of loving and being loved. We are lovable because we are demonstrating love to ourselves first. Give away gifts of love in order to grow more loving. Don’t conform to others’ opinions or societal standards; be and nourish your beautiful self.


“In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true” (John Lilly). Think about your thinking because thoughts become reality. Additionally, strong feelings make for strong action. While motion or behaviors can be the precursor to emotions, feelings can generate long-term behavior and perceptual change. Allowing the mind and body to be in harmony with both thinking and acting creates potential ripples of greatness. Thoughts have power to morph into moods and automatic reactions, which when lingering long enough, becomes part of who we are. Continual hard work, determination, willingness, self-reflection, personal awareness, and persistence are crucial keys toward sustaining transformative lives. Be passionate about what you’re doing and give it all you’ve got. Decide to be someone great because everyone else is taken.

Go For It

“It is never too late to be what you might have been” (George Eliot). Decide to go after whatever dreams you have, leaving the past behind. Nobody is too old or too young to achieve greatness. You will turn 55 years of age with or without the degree, physically fit or lazy. Why not go for it? Decide to commit to your commitment. Form the habits by doing the daily rituals, cultivating your destiny, today.


Do What You Love

“Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death” (James F. Byrnes). Actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, said, “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.” Jim Carrey learned that valuable lesson from his father who was fired from his allegedly safe and secure accounting job.¹ Freedom lives on the other side of fear and doubt.


Let freedom manifest through responsible and consistent self-discipline, while thinking and behaving coherently with personal truths. Becoming aware of possible bias or prejudice in beliefs is a paramount step toward uncovering subconscious and conscious realities. This recognition and acceptance allows change from the inside out. External variables and other people’s opinions no longer hold personal feelings as slaves. Unleash victim mentalities by consciously delving into the realms of who you are, what you desire to change, and who you want to be. What’s holding you back?


Don’t wait to be ready before beginning! “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Chinese proverb). Yes, that initial step is usually the most challenging, therefore stop procrastinating and just do it, today. Be proactive and not reactive. Take initiative toward what you want to achieve, do, and be. The winner’s edge is to start where you are, with who you are, and with what you have. Eternal intrinsic intangible excellence awaits synergistically uniting your mind, body, spirit, and soul in one omnipotent harmonious powerhouse of health, wealth, love, and joyfulness. The choice always was and is yours and yours alone to make. Nobody can do greatness for you—only you can. Helpful insights and encouragement may give direction or guidance, yet the effort to achievement rests upon ardent desire, motive as to why—combined with persistent repetitive planned action and dogged determination.


“To teach is to learn twice” (Joseph Joubert). We grow as we learn and we learn as we grow. We learn as we teach and we teach as we learn. Teaching helps increase our own comprehension about a subject, fortifying the knowledge in our minds, like a sculptor etches together a marble statue. Every cut is important, yet the sum total creates the masterpiece. Assimilate vast knowledge, intellectually and from experiences, into all-encompassing growing understandings. New individually acquired information becomes hardwired through repetition of thought, doing, and subsequently being. We can even think and be by harmoniously thinking and feeling what we desire. Remember what the Bible depicts in Proverbs 23, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Let’s continue developing and passing our torches of greatness so others can see brighter light as we become encapsulated in the infinite glow of health, wealth, love, and joyfulness.

Love Does

Sleep like a well-nurtured baby, affectionately and tenderly loved harmoniously by both parents. Ideal parents must love their children equally, regardless of what the kids do to earn a living, as long as they remain who they are—yet ever evolving. Ceaseless acts of physical and emotional love are what children need from their parents. Individuals, including youngsters, do what they see more than what they’re told. Role model the attitudes, behaviors, and words you want your children to acquire. Be cognizant about the environments your kids associate with, including people. Physical environments can be equally constructive or destructive, like consuming nourishing or contaminated deleterious food to their developing mind, body, and soul. Parents can grow alongside their child through active listening and emphatically understanding as both become infinite teachers and learners toward one another throughout the parent-child relationship. Get on the same eye level while looking at, listening to, and conversing with your son or daughter. You cannot hug or kiss your kids enough. Saying, “I love you,” has no daily limits. There are no restrictions to performing genuine acts of love. Love shown need not be more nor less because of successes or mishaps along life’s journey. What truly matters is love does. How are you demonstrating love to your children each day?

Grow Up

Stop succumbing to the demands of others, only to live in resentment. Don’t live to strictly please anybody, including your spouse, parents, or society. Do what makes you truly happy. Be your own grown up individual, not dependent upon anyone for self-reliance, peace or joyfulness. Harmony will come to your relationships by being authentically you. Working hard to achieve another’s vision or goals, only to find they are not your own path to happiness is unnecessary. Let your yes be yes and no be no. Give no excuses for responses, staying true to you, always doing your best. Speak, write, and do only what you believe to be true so your conscience remains clear. Being brutally truthful, sell or influence yourself prior to actively listening, understanding, and persuading another. Practice this gracefully until your dying day. Take 100% responsibility for your life in order to obtain real freedom and personal joy.