Be mindful to prioritize your dreams, taking the time needed toward building and accomplishing that divine destiny. See your vision, while doing the necessary steps for achieving celestial callings. Feelings of conviction in your gut can be wonderfully beneficial if only you listen to them with your heart, not your head. Your heart, depicting passion, noble purpose and intrinsically praiseworthy meaning. Without passionate visions, dreams fade into illusionary entertainment. Stay feverishly thirsty and ravenously hungry about what motivates and inspires you to wake up each morning exhilarated to work harder than anyone else toward becoming the best in the world at your divinely destined calling.

Help Others

True living and growing occurs by not knowing, while simultaneously being curious and brave enough to seek out and excavate the greatness within your soul. Life is an adventurous journey of discovering the unknown and making the seemingly impossible possible. Knowing everything with certainty leads to suffering and a plateau of frustration. The more I know the more I realize I don’t know much. Get outside your head, get into your heart, be utterly vulnerable, and give fully of yourself to the betterment of others by serving moment by moment. Frequently, ask your loved ones, “How can I help?”

Excavate Joy Within

If you owned land, possessing one hundred million dollars’ worth of unmined gold or oil, you could never use it or bless others, without first acknowledging your delightful ownership. Diligently and enthusiastically explore, seek, ask, and search until your fortune is found. Excavate your mind, body, spirit, and soul to discover the valuable hidden treasures within. Find and cultivate divine gifts, skills, talents, and abilities only you are uniquely able and wired for to disseminate amongst people throughout our miraculous planet. Start practicing producing a beautiful smile to share with the world.

Giving warm felt sincere smiles obtains universal genuine smiles in return. Pastor and author, Joel Osteen, has a kind smile having potential to radiate joy in others. Live full of yourself, not arrogant, so authentic beautiful smiles can be shared effortlessly with others. Living filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control brightens any life. It is indeed better to give than receive.

Personal Development

Live out dreams through working on yourself first. Everyone, including yourself, will be massively blessed for becoming exceedingly good, therefore great. Knowing and abiding by one’s values gives plenty, without taking away. Always aim further than an intended target. This way even if you don’t exceed the goal, aspirations will likely be achieved. The problem with too many people is they aim too low, hitting their targets. Do what seems impossible and challenging. This will practically guarantee growth, progress, and a greater sense of fulfilment and self-awareness. Look back to see how far you’ve come. Change if you don’t like what you see. Take 100% responsibility for every part of your life. If there’s something you don’t like, change yourself. Remember, never, never, never give up becoming a better version of you, while unconditionally loving and accepting yourself along your voyage.

Disciplining ourselves by writing the entire day and week’s plan prior to beginning either has vast rewards. Commit to discipline, thus reaping compounded health, wealth, love, relations, and happiness along the journey. Earn your fortunes by deserving them through intentional perseverance toward end goals. Balanced discipline is the way to greatness.

Work a Little Harder

A few more descriptive examples of admirable intangible and priceless character traits include kindness, consideration, empathy, ceaseless love, a good sense of humor, positive mental attitudes, being hopeful, faithful, respectful, polite, gentle, patient, generous, forgiving, fair, enthusiastic, passionate, confident, competent, empathetic, humble, noble, discerning, helpful, open-minded, teachable, honest, loyal, trustworthy, ambitious, selfless, and compassionate. Valuable ROE, ROT, and ROI can create and enhance your invaluable mind, body, spirit, and soul. By making yourself more valuable, you become worth more to others, in turn, reaping greater rewards and results.

Put in the hard work each day. Little by little that distant someday fallacious facade will no longer be a false illusion, but become fruit-filled real abundant joy vibrating positive life-giving energy radiating from your inner beauty to the marvelous world around. Forgive the past while choosing the graceful gift of now as your eternal present to focus all attention toward.

Discipline Action

Creativity is enhanced by mindfully taking time to recalibrate, refocus, recall, and self-reflect. Reading can fall into any category of chunking. Getting the kids ready for school can be either a small or medium chunk depending upon each child’s speed, temperament, lunch being made and clothes placed out the prior morning, means of transportation to school, time it takes to make and eat breakfast, among other relative factors. Writing, learning new languages, practicing a musical instrument, painting or drawing, among multitudes of creative endeavors are excellent to perform during large chunks.

You can accomplish anything with a strong enough desire, clear vision, self-discipline, energy, and plans toward attainment backed by consistent action. Action with progress creates momentum that unleashes even more energy and forward cyclical progress. Experience through doing creates confidence. No matter what happens during a pursuit, learning ensues.

Success is directly related to effort and self-discipline. It is imperative to do the things you desire mastery over by practicing them every single day, therefore allowing habit formation and greatness to be unleashed. Again, don’t mistake motion for progress. Be specific and precise about your goals. Actions should lead you closer to accomplishing your endeavor. If executing something is not bringing about desired change, then change your strategy. Have a deadline to accomplish goals so that pressure, exhilaration, and positive energy pulls and pushes you toward achieving your aims.

Prioritize Time

“Procrastination is the thief of time” (General proverb). Plan out the things that are most important to you each day so they will get done. Chunk time in 10-30 minute intervals for small daily activities, 30-90 minutes for medium-sized tasks, and 90-180 minutes for larger more creative undertakings. Remember to stop and reenergize every 30-60 minutes by taking a brisk walk, practicing gratitude, reflecting on good memories, or performing positive self-talk.

No Regrets

“I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets” (D. H. Lawrence). Define what you desire to acquire intangibly so tangible manifestations become indirect attainable acquisitions. Personal development multiplies directly based upon our return on effort (ROE), return on time (ROT), and return on investment (ROI). Give more of what you already have in order to strengthen or receive additional desirable life-enhancing qualities. Don’t wait to acquire talents, skills, and abilities before starting, lest stagnation and procrastination turn into regret and regression.

Pursue Your Dreams

Being a wonderful father or mother, son or daughter, husband or wife, an individual living out a mission or calling versus working a job or having a profession, and becoming physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually fit, ensues through self-improvement. Growth and personal development are lifelong pursuits, which is why the persistent, relentless, courageous, and faithful individuals ascend higher than most. Winners are competing against themselves, while choosing to live without limitations, ceilings, or borders. Be boundless by embracing your true authentic self that produces real freedom and fulfillment. Remember, your opinion matters most and must guide your journey, not other people’s opinions about you. Be brave enough to believe in yourself and in the power of pursuing your dreams.

Joy Via Humbleness

“You can accomplish anything in life, provided you do not mind who gets the credit” (Harry S. Truman). That way any route navigated has potential to produce many delectable fruits. Possessing this humble approach allows true selflessness and greatness to permeate our world. The wonderful gifts we can give by minimizing our own egos and maximizing caring about helping others enhances their joy, as well as our own.