Stay Hungry

Steve Jobs once said during a Stanford graduation ceremony, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”¹⁶ Do what you think you can’t do, in order to actualize your true potential. Failing twice as much can get us to our destination much quicker. Being paralyzed by thinking about all the things that could go wrong leads us to nomad’s land. Start now, even without knowing everything. Learn, grow, and become better as you do more. Serve others and fulfill their desires by building the culture around and within your life. Making other people your number one priority, secondary to your family of course, pays massive dividends. Make sure your returns are in the black, not the red. Too much giving without reciprocal gifts can leave us empty and unfulfilled. Harmonious balance is a must. That is a path leading toward greatness, which you can achieve.

Getting Desired Results

Turn should do’s into must do’s by giving them enough reasons why they must be done. Don’t allow excuses, reasoning, self-pity, regret, blaming, resentment, or complaining stop you. Do your musts every day without compromise, no matter what, especially when you don’t feel like it. The power of self-discipline and producing the life you’ve only dreamt about manifests by taking massive action, architecting strategic plans, and subsequently thinking less about events and people standing in your way, while contemplating new creative ideas toward building and growing bigger, stronger, and better ways of engaging with your dreams. The fewer stressors and negative thoughts we have allows for more possibility. Simplifying our lives by forming desirable habits takes concerted effort, although becomes wonderfully rewarding and graciously performed in time. Results will ensue.

Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want To Do?

“I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway” (Romans 7:19 NLT). People like instant gratification, taking the path of least resistance, and neglect mastering thyself by becoming the best versions of themselves. Ruling yourself makes you more powerful than a king. It’s been said that the price of discipline or neglect is pennies versus a fortune. Unfortunately, people allow fear, stinking thinking, and external obstacles stand in their way to greatness. The act of omission is vastly worse than the act of commission. How about raising your standards, while doing what should or needs to be done, today?

The Crucial Key to Successful Living: Self-Discipline

“In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won over themselves…, self-discipline with all of them came first” (Harry S. Truman). We all have a cognitive dissonance, whereas we want to change, know what we are doing is bad for us, yet we do it anyway. Temptation and instant gratification are powerful distractions getting in the way of achieving our aims. Why waste precious life unfulfilled, distant, and numb, when abundant joy is to be found and lived?

Try being credible to one’s self through positive consistency in thoughts, behaviors, words, and environmental standards. Be purposeful about who to associate with, guarding this area of life dearly. Trusting yourself is imperative toward forming and maintaining good habits. We reap and sow accordingly. Don’t focus on the price of something, but the value instead. This entails keeping high standards toward fruitful relationships, priorities, values, and investments, much more so than stuff. Keep in mind there is almost always a sacrificial tradeoff regarding what we spend our finite time doing. Please choose wisely.

You Are Extraordinary

“It is extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is” (George F. Will). Never take yourself or others for granted. What impact do you want to make? I desire to help people intentionally build abundant joy-filled lives through empowering wise decision-making and greater self-awareness, leading to excellent habits, therefore producing outstanding results. Habits are the secret sauce creating extraordinary performance and fulfilled lives overflowing with health, wealth, love, and joy.


Just beginning and showing up each day thereafter is 80 percent of many successful achievements. Persevere and remain patient in all you do, holding your values and principles near and dear along your journey. Work on using your heart more than your mind while caring, loving, appreciating, believing, and growing beauty and greatness into the world. There is nothing you cannot do, therefore get busy working the process to walk up the steps to victory.

Life’s Desires

Life happens for us, not to us. Live in the blissful tranquility of grace and gratitude. Remember, the past does not predict the future. Forgive yourself and others, learn to live free from constraints and self-limiting beliefs, while moving into success through being present and aware of your genuinely desirable and passionate objectives, constantly. In the morning and before bed, ask yourself, “What do I want and why?” Follow those questions with, “How can I obtain it?” Consistently ask better questions to generate superior answers to problems and goals. Develop specific action steps toward making desires morph into reality. Neurons firing together wire together, thus consistent frequent repetition is key for making strong habitual patterns leading to our desired outcomes.


Be mindful to prioritize your dreams, taking the time needed toward building and accomplishing that divine destiny. See your vision, while doing the necessary steps for achieving celestial callings. Feelings of conviction in your gut can be wonderfully beneficial if only you listen to them with your heart, not your head. Your heart, depicting passion, noble purpose and intrinsically praiseworthy meaning. Without passionate visions, dreams fade into illusionary entertainment. Stay feverishly thirsty and ravenously hungry about what motivates and inspires you to wake up each morning exhilarated to work harder than anyone else toward becoming the best in the world at your divinely destined calling.

Help Others

True living and growing occurs by not knowing, while simultaneously being curious and brave enough to seek out and excavate the greatness within your soul. Life is an adventurous journey of discovering the unknown and making the seemingly impossible possible. Knowing everything with certainty leads to suffering and a plateau of frustration. The more I know the more I realize I don’t know much. Get outside your head, get into your heart, be utterly vulnerable, and give fully of yourself to the betterment of others by serving moment by moment. Frequently, ask your loved ones, “How can I help?”

Excavate Joy Within

If you owned land, possessing one hundred million dollars’ worth of unmined gold or oil, you could never use it or bless others, without first acknowledging your delightful ownership. Diligently and enthusiastically explore, seek, ask, and search until your fortune is found. Excavate your mind, body, spirit, and soul to discover the valuable hidden treasures within. Find and cultivate divine gifts, skills, talents, and abilities only you are uniquely able and wired for to disseminate amongst people throughout our miraculous planet. Start practicing producing a beautiful smile to share with the world.

Giving warm felt sincere smiles obtains universal genuine smiles in return. Pastor and author, Joel Osteen, has a kind smile having potential to radiate joy in others. Live full of yourself, not arrogant, so authentic beautiful smiles can be shared effortlessly with others. Living filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control brightens any life. It is indeed better to give than receive.