A cigarette smoker addicted to nicotine can allow the nicotine to dominate his or her thoughts, moods, actions, time, and health or the individual can take control and eradicate the poor habit, forever. Nicotine not only triggers the release of dopamine, which binds to dopanergic receptors, but can even create more dendritic dopamine receptors. Because of the increased dopamine receptors people can develop more of a tolerance that requires additional nicotine to acquire the same effects. Don’t say, “I can’t stop smoking.” Why worry about a shot not going in before you’ve even taken it? All shots not taken don’t go in. Try try again until successful. Believe that you can and do it. Once you stop, think of yourself as a nonsmoker, saying, “I don’t smoke.”

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Addiction

  1. Some new hobbies will be helpful to distract the mind from the addiction. A friend of mine who was a heavy smoker took up fishing to reduce the number of cigarettes.


    1. Absolutely. Additionally, working out, prayer, reading, hobbies, and more help. Utilizing the law of replacement helps change behavior. New internal (thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, faith) and external (locations, friends, acquaintances, music, movies) environments can help substantially. The most challenging part is to decide definitively.


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