A few more descriptive examples of admirable intangible and priceless character traits include kindness, consideration, empathy, ceaseless love, a good sense of humor, positive mental attitudes, being hopeful, faithful, respectful, polite, gentle, patient, generous, forgiving, fair, enthusiastic, passionate, confident, competent, empathetic, humble, noble, discerning, helpful, open-minded, teachable, honest, loyal, trustworthy, ambitious, selfless, and compassionate. Valuable ROE, ROT, and ROI can create and enhance your invaluable mind, body, spirit, and soul. By making yourself more valuable, you become worth more to others, in turn, reaping greater rewards and results.

Put in the hard work each day. Little by little that distant someday fallacious facade will no longer be a false illusion, but become fruit-filled real abundant joy vibrating positive life-giving energy radiating from your inner beauty to the marvelous world around. Forgive the past while choosing the graceful gift of now as your eternal present to focus all attention toward.

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