The world will go on without you, therefore be humble enough to let fear drive you to be fearless. We don’t own our past or future, only right now. Knowing in our souls that we are mere mortals and this present moment is all that exists, while at some unknown time, our state of existence and moments to experience love, warmth, embracing, giving, being, doing, laughing, and joy will fade from the earth can make seemingly fearful thoughts become insignificantly miniscule vapors of nonsensical emotions fleeting into oblivion. Any fear felt can be mitigated or eradicated through facing it head on and mastering what was once feared. Feel fear and do it anyway. Look yourself in the eye and say, “I will persevere and win, no matter what, because I am a winner!” Let fear fuel you to do what is uncomfortable, often, so you become better, hence more confident, competent, autonomous, and consequently, less fearful. Learn to embrace and enjoy fear as a growing and learning opportunity. Look at pain as a reason to self-reflect upon something that may need to be changed so states of harmony and peace may ensue.

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