Having our cup half-full versus overflowing is not as important as what is in the cup. We must keep our cups upright with PMAs, while remaining open-minded and cooperative with ourselves, others, and the universe to even be able to accept wonderful donations of immeasurable magnitude into our cups. Fill yourself up with goodness, therefore greatness. Work to feel alive and don’t live to work by exchanging invaluable time doing something you’d rather not do with your one and only life. Find what you are truly passionate about that aligns with your values and principles, pursuing that ardent desire with a relentless and limitless can-do attitude. Eradicate fear, doubt, and unbelief by replacing it with gratitude, definitive purpose, and utter belief in your gifts, abilities, talents, and skills. Accept all of you–both good and bad. Use all of you to live your purpose with each breath of your being. Don’t forget to aspire for your unique purpose. Forget about what the world thinks regarding fame, money, and popularity. Those are byproducts of living you. You are and have an incredible gift, which can make the world a better place. Do you by being you–all of you. Create the best version of yourself so you can bet on you and achieve wonderful aspirations, while trusting yourself with your life.

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