“The best remedy for anger is delay” (Brigham Young). We can’t get back spent words, therefore make them count toward positive producing assets for others and ourselves. Recondition powerful opportunistic choices sitting on the dashboard between a stimuli and response. Radical transformation is yours to create. Yes, you can make it happen. Praise and glory live within unstoppable faith and relentless belief. Live with grace imprinted upon your heart, mind and soul. As forgiveness unburdens hurts, blossoming kindness toward newly adopted beautiful choices and perspectives frees one to be. Now, is the time to live and let live.

Keep building and innovating your own personal principles, virtues, and life philosophies to act upon as priceless maps while navigating the scary turbulent metamorphic, ever-changing placid seas. These precious treasure maps may seem illusive at times, yet are available to us all if we choose to seek, read, and embrace golden nuggets by acting upon them. Victory in any endeavor belongs to the brave souls that adamantly desire, believe, persist, and subsequently conquer. Bask in the glory of triumphantly winning in all feats, no matter how big or small. Even losses are wins with the right attitude. We learn from failures too, which can offer some of the greatest lessons.

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