Choose to live in divine grace and forgiveness, regardless of past wrongs. Don’t shake up ashes only to reignite a spark. Why listen to bitter, resentful, hurtful remarks from the past, about anyone, opening up and contaminating healed wounds? Fall forward into learning, growth, persistent progress, and successful magnificent living. Let’s decide to enjoy our wonderful thoughts, imagination, dreams, mind, body, spirit, soul, relationships, sensations of life, and the awe-struck miraculous creation gifted for us to marvel in. The essence of genius at each person’s core awaits quests to humbly ask, seek, and find simplicity, which is free for all to have, hold, and cherish within, not without. We all already possess fruit-filled abundance if we only heed principles of truth. Potential for prolific greatness comes from our moment-to-moment choices we continually make.

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