“The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them” (Robert Frost). Put forth the effort, rid the negative thoughts, noise and behaviors, while allowing your personal positive reasons for action be constant reminders of the goodness and greatness at work within you. Replace the bad with an overwhelming amount of good. Your goodness will turn into greatness. No more professional passive spectating when you can be on the field playing, serving up your craft toward helping, building, and creating. You are a leader, thus serve others by asking what their needs and wants are proactively, not assuming either side understands or will come to you with questions. Leave fear behind by getting your hands dirty through becoming involved in problem solving matters important to you and others. Increasing quality of life through encouraging, exemplifying, teaching, loving, listening and accepting people is something we can all do. Know the power of one can massively change lives for the greater good of humanity. What personal, professional, familial, relational, spiritual, emotional, societal, or other problems are important for solving? Now, get busy solving one at a time.

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