Harnessing and nourishing personal poisons keeps many people prisoners in their own minds, averting the potential to fully be alive and thrive. Just because we have breath in our lungs does not entail that we are living, fulfilled, with meaning and purpose. Toxic pollutants encompass anger, hatred, resentment, revenge, guilt, envy or jealousy, self-pity, greed, blaming, complaining, and gossiping. Lingering waste products remain fueled by continuing to feed these death-traps, in turn, burgeoning the fiery furnaces of hell on earth. Stopping these lethal practices by throwing out this trash is the only way to be truly free from their deadly grasp. Choose growth by seeking, listening, and reading, heeding, and developing wisdom, not putrid garbage. The power to change lives, breathes, flourishes, and grows in you through daily, minute-to-minute choices, creating habitual habits. What do you want to change? Why do you want to change? What’s holding you back? Relentlessly and persistently aim at your target, paying whatever price to hit your mark.

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