Sleep like a well-nurtured baby, affectionately and tenderly loved harmoniously by both parents. Ideal parents must love their children equally, regardless of what the kids do to earn a living, as long as they remain who they are—yet ever evolving. Ceaseless acts of physical and emotional love are what children need from their parents. Individuals, including youngsters, do what they see more than what they’re told. Role model the attitudes, behaviors, and words you want your children to acquire. Be cognizant about the environments your kids associate with, including people. Physical environments can be equally constructive or destructive, like consuming nourishing or contaminated deleterious food to their developing mind, body, and soul. Parents can grow alongside their child through active listening and emphatically understanding as both become infinite teachers and learners toward one another throughout the parent-child relationship. Get on the same eye level while looking at, listening to, and conversing with your son or daughter. You cannot hug or kiss your kids enough. Saying, “I love you,” has no daily limits. There are no restrictions to performing genuine acts of love. Love shown need not be more nor less because of successes or mishaps along life’s journey. What truly matters is love does. How are you demonstrating love to your children each day?

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