Have you ever wondered why you think, act or do the same things each day? Have you asked yourself, “Why am I currently living the way I am? Is the way I am living right now producing the results I want to get from my life? How can I create habits that lead toward achieving my goals and dreams?” Habits are those things we do every day, typically without even thinking about them. Our routines may be to get up in the morning and exercise, take a shower, drink coffee, eat breakfast, brush teeth, send or take our children to school, go to work, eat lunch, come home, eat a snack, say hello to our spouse and kids, eat dinner, watch television, brush teeth, read a book, and go to bed. The micro moments from our everyday lives make up the macro accomplishments driving our destiny. We can always improve ourselves, becoming more effective and efficient about what we think and do by being intentional and self-reflective, while developing and maintaining a growth mindset.

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