“So too, faith by itself, if it is not complemented by action, is dead” (James 2:17 BSB). Confront neglecting truths by standing up for what is right, lest evil prevails through the act of enabling. Even inaction can be a form of acting, possibly resulting in ignorance and pain. Be willing to live through trials and tribulations, while upholding personal values, priorities, and principles. Taking initiative is the precursor toward accomplishing any worthy endeavor.

Do not wait for approval or being completely ready because dreams only happen with action. Nearly all successful individuals starting something wonderful begin and overcome uncertainty about the end. Those seemingly genius extraordinarily masterful craftsmen and craftswomen achieve aims by practicing and persevering, hoping and confidently dreaming, not seeing the end results, only believing in them with unshakeable faith and relentless consistent persistent passionate purpose-driven action. Whenever new changes or incredible beginnings emerge, doubt may creep in. Remember to feel fear and doubt, while doing good deeds in spite of those feelings or erroneous beliefs. In time, you will become whatever you set out to be and do when eternally positive peaceful motives are oozing from a willing, cooperative, and teachable heart.

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