Heeding and acting upon truths creates blazing light, bridging once unknown blackened borders, deepening unseen deadly chasms and obstacles to push, pull, will, jump, and run through, allowing the changing trajectories and patterns of our lives. Let challenges, problems, and unwarranted circumstances in any realm of life fuel growth in all you do, now and always. These are wonderful opportunities to learn, grow, and become better through practicing daily ownership, responsibility, and self-discipline. Embracing an attitude of growth, optimism, and appreciation for people allows mundane to transcend into divine loving joy, kindness, compassion, and triumphant juicy delectable victory. We were and always will be stronger together, embracing unifying visions and missions, sharing, helping, and contributing to the well-being of humanity. This process of growth and hope begins with you and me, never ending until…; not even the end of age.

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