Undisciplined freedom can be hazardous to ourselves and others. Too little liberty or slavery from gluing harmful acts with our identity minimizes growth opportunities, leaving us childish, immature, paralyzed, and grossly and harmfully sticky. Similar to a viscous deadly mouse trap, keeping excessive adhesive by continuously catching and propagating bad behavior from our poor surroundings allows corruptible garbage into our minds, making us terminally ill slaves being smoked and baked into the ground. The only way to remedy our sickness lies within acknowledging, owning, desiring, seeking, and doggedly doing something radically different.  

Taking responsibility for our lives and completely owning all we do and who we are entails recognizing and controlling the responses we make between both our intrinsic and extrinsic environments. Infused with self-discipline, self-restraint, and temperance, boundaries and limits create boundless and limitless abundant lives. Let’s choose to fix any small problem, sooner rather than later, preventing insidious benign infections from morphing, growing, and metastasizing cyclically throughout our mind, body, spirit, and soul. Be useful to yourself by utilizing the law of replacement. Eradicating bad habits, pollution, toxicity, and corruption from our lives occurs through being strategically intentional. Embracing good routines with loving kindness empowers the ability to drown out poor rituals, one death trap at a time.

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