Finding culprits to difficulties via affectionate truthful self-reflection and being vulnerable to honest feedback, combined with forming great questions and harnessing a teachable attitude, inevitably results in acquiring life-transforming solutions. Rid growth-limiting, know-it-all (KIA), nonsensical arrogance. Let’s be prudent by asking oneself superior queries, while refraining from the folly of questioning others’ desires in hopes of finding answers to our own issues, especially when they have not done what we aspire toward. Resolution and personal development are persistent perpetual inside works only we can fix and build. Our problems are not anyone else’s responsibility except ours to own and solve. Choose to act wisely, therefore be wise. Wise plans fused with consistent uncompromising prudent choices yields positive results. It’s a simple, yet profound philosophy. Consider embracing, integrating, and infusing good philosophy into your daily rituals.

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